Title Authors Supervisor Publish Year

A Comparative study on insulin resistance factors before and after  Helicobacter Pylori treatment in diabetic patients referring to Isfahan Endocrine and Metabolism Research Center

Dr. Pooria Hamedani


Effects of vitamin D deficiency treatment on metabolic markers in Hashimoto thyroiditis patients

Dr. Parichehr Vahabi

Dr. Ashraf Aminorroaya - Dr. Masoud Amini 2016

Assessment of caring program for patients with type 2 diabetes: Evaluation of the status of diabetes care and glycemic control among patients covered by health and treatment centers in Jarghouyeh distinct

 Dr. Masoud Saadatnia

Dr. Bijan Iraj 2016

A comparative study on the effect of levothyroxine and levothyroxine plus selenium on lowering autoantibody levels in patients with autoimmune hypothyroidism 

Dr. Gholamhosein Moradi


Investigation of erythrocyte membrane fatty acid profile, Na+‎/k+ -ATPase activity and their association with insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetic patients with and without metabolic syndrome

Dr. Fooziyeh Zadhoosh

Dr. Morteza Pourfarzam - Dr. Bijan Iraj 2015

Endothelial dysfunction in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism and the effect of treatment with levothyroxine on it

Dr. Nasim Niknam

Dr. Nooshin Khalili - Dr. Masoud Amini 2015

 Comparison of exercise test parameters in diabetic patients with and without nephropathy

Laya Rasooli

Dr. Alireza Nematollahi 2015

Curriculum development for graduate nurses in diabetes based on Kern-S curriculum planning model in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2014-2015

 Sima Godarzian

Dr. Parvaneh Abazari 2015

Effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) on self-efficacy, perceived stress and resiliency in type 2 diabetic patients

Masoomeh Mohammadi Khashouei

Dr. Fatemeh Tabatabaei 2014

 The effectiveness of lifestyle modification education on psychological symptoms, improvement of life quality and glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes

Somayeh Alijani

Dr. Nahid Akrami - Dr. Elham Faghihimani 2014

Effect of metformin on TSH and thyroid volume in patients with pre-diabetes: a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial

Dr. Mojhgan Karimifar

Dr. Ashraf Aminorroaya - Dr. Masoud Amini 2014

 Assessing the relationship of cognitive changes with Ramadan fasting in patients with type 2 diabetes

 Mahsa Moftiolshiae

Dr. Hamidreza Nikyar 2013

The relationship between changes in blood sugar levels and frequency and severity of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and sleep quality in patients with type 2 diabetes with RLS

Ghazal Gerami Rad

Dr. Mostafa Najafi 2013

Evaluation of Bone Density, Serum total and Ionized Calcium, Alkaline Phosphatase and 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma, and Their Relationship with TSH suppression by Levothyroxine

Dr. Seyed Mashallah Tabatabaeizadeh

Dr. Ali Kachouei - Dr. Bijan Iraj 2013

Effect of legume consumption on serum levels of adiponectin, inflammatory markers and cardiovascular risk factors in first-degree

relatives of diabetic patients

Sahar Sarraf Bank

Dr. Leyla Azadbakht 2013

The effects of oral vitamin D on insulin resistance

in pre-diabetic patients

Dr. Seyed Alireza Hoseini Roknabadi

Dr. Masoud Amini - Dr. Ashraf Aminorroaya 2013

The effect of hydroxychloroquine on blood glucose and insulin sensitivity in pre-diabetic patients

Dr. Fahime Sheikh Bahaei


Sleep apnea symptoms in diabetics and their first degree relatives

Dr. Farideh Sheikh Bahaei

Dr. Babak Amera - Dr. Masoud Amini 2012

Assessment of metabolic changes induced by transient hypothyroidism after discontinuation of levothyroxine treatment in thyroidectomy patients

Dr. Rezvan Salehidoust

Dr. Ashraf Aminorroaya - Dr. Masoud Amini 2012

Measurement of thyroid function indices in patients with CRF under hemodialysis or

peritoneal dialysis and comparing them with control groups

Sina Darvishnia

Dr. Afsoon Emami - Dr. Noushin Khalili 2012