Sabbatical Leave Opportunities


Isfahan Endocrine & Metabolism Research Center


Sabbatical Leave Opportunities


The main purpose of sabbatical leave is to provide opportunities for the continued professional growth through study, research and writing. It can equally encourage the enhancement of teaching quality and innovation among academic staff. Based on these points, Isfahan Endocrine & Metabolism Research Center (I.E.M.R.C) provides the academic staff the opportunity to conduct research at I.E.M.R.C and teaching hospitals of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.



Terms and conditions of sabbatical leave appointments:


1-  Sabbatical leave appointments are offered for minimum of 6 months and maximum of 1 year.

2-  No stipend will be received by participants. IEMRC supports research costs only.

3-  The applicant must successfully complete her/his probationary appointment.

4-  A report confirming what has been achieved during the period of sabbatical leave must be

     submitted to the head of I.E.M.R.C within 2 months of return.

5-  Applications (including research proposal) should be submitted at least 6 months prior to their

     proposed sabbatical leave starting date. Application will be reviewed and the applicant notified

     within 60 days of receipt of application.

6-  It is preferable for research proposals to be prepared according to the research priorities of

     I.E.M.R.C for sabbatical leave.


Complete sabbatical leave application includes the following:


1-  Completed application form (can be sent as an attachment to e-mail).

2-  Statement from academic institution verifying the faculty member’s eligibility and approval for

     Sabbatical leave (can be sent as an attachment to e-mail, prefarably in PDF format).

3-  The applicant’s brief C.V. (can be sent as an attachment to e-mail).


Research priorities of Isfahan Endocrine & Metabolism Research Center for sabbatical leave